Power Hero

Power Hero 1.24

Conserve battery power on your Palm


  • Alters the state of your wireless resources
  • Auto-shutdown function
  • Change the profile screen at a specified time


  • Charges you for settings that can be changed manually for free

Very good

The ladies often describe me as a 'Power Hero' but even I'm not able to conserve the battery of a Palm device. This little application can though, and does so with much aplomb.

It does this by providing you with several options such as the ability to change the state of all the wireless resources on your device (telephone, TO GO, Bluetooth or WiFi).

You can also turn to Power Hero to automate the changing of your profile screen at certain times of the day or to auto-shutdown your Palm after a specified period of inactivity, both of which can help preserve your battery life.

Of course, you could perform all these changes manually, but Power Hero lets you alter everything from one place, making it ideal for anyone who gets annoyed by running out of power all the time.

Need more power? Save the day with Power Hero! With automatic power-saving features, customised scheduling, auto-bluetooth and the power-use console Power Hero gets the best from your battery!

Power Hero


Power Hero 1.24

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